Circular saw series

MJ153D Auto-feed rip saw
MJ153D Auto-feed rip saw
Widen tracked,Multiple sets of roller, feeding smoothly
Caterpillar pneumatic for dust cleaner
Four levels of the rebound devices more secure
Standard of pure copper wire motor power is strong

Super mesa widened chain plate

Four groups of protection operation safety

Auxiliary roller precision is higher 
Quenching rail longer life,Standard motor power is strong
0.10/2000mm Trimming precision

Technical Specification Unit MJ153D MJ154D
Min. sawing length mm 230 260
Sawing thickness mm 10-85 10-125
Throat depth mm 460 610
Saw blade diameter mm Ø250-305 Ø305-405
Spindle diameter mm Ø25.4 Ø25.4
Saw spindle speed r/min 4000 3500
Main motor power kW 7.5 11
Feeding motor power kW 1.5 2.2
Feeding speed m/min 12.5/16/19.5/24 6~25
Fixed table size mm 1100×1600 1230×1750
Overall dimensions mm 1800×1100×1356 2100×1400×1500
Net.weight kg 980 1200
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