Corporate Culture

【Our Goal】To create the international brand,to build up the worldclass enterprise with core competitive position.
【Manage Goal】Canonical,advanced, scientific, high-efficiency.
【Occupation morals】Respect and love the work, sedulous.
【Enterprise spirit】Frugal,struggle, create, pursuing the top-ranking.
【Working style】Earnestly, strictly and speedily.
【Service principle】Credit service,the customer is the highest.

Quality principle】Pursuing the best, quality is our life.

Market principle】Open up,adapt to, and satisfy the market. Create value for customer.

Manage principle】Big group stratagem, market operation.

Quality guideline】Make staff more excellent,improve quality continuously,ensure the safety,and satisfy the customer.

Employ persons principle】Staff is the most important for a enterprise,they must be employed properly.


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